"Grabbing audience attention, Spreading the word, Building the buzz"

'How to inspire the audience to buy a ticket? How to drive them to the theatres?' Every film maker must address this million dollar question.

At APC, we first understand your film; then we figure out the audience psyche. By mapping key elements of the movie to the audience profile, we generate excellent pre-release curiosity.
Appealing content and a strong distribution strategy, when combined with our focused film promotion tactics, lead to box office success.

The journey of your film from the studio to the screen involves a lot of hard work, perseverance and industry insight. Our objective is to make this journey smooth and financially rewarding.
Connecting and engaging your film with the audience is one of the keys to a grand opening. Creating outstanding promotional material and releasing it smartly (right place, right time) works up a positive buzz. We combine traditional methods of film promotion with innovative ideas to generate pre-release hype and to hold up the momentum even after the film is out.

Structuring your film marketing campaign

What should go into the posters, trailers, social media pages and other material? What publicity steps must be taken to garner positive reviews? What aspects must be considered before finalizing the DOR?
We have satisfactory answers to these and many questions. By allocating the right budget, we design and execute a time-bound, media-rich campaign that creates a 'feel good' perception for your movie among cine lovers.

In view of this, we plan and execute the following marketing activities:

Advise on positioning of the film

  Defining primary market segment

  Release strategy

Overseeing key communication on producer's behalf

  Coordinate with creative agency on all key deliverables including posters, website design, sales material, brochure, press kit, print ads, radio jingle and outdoor

  Coordinate with PR agency and evaluate PR plans on all key deliverables across print, television, radio, Internet, events, etc.

  Supervise promos by coordinating with the promo producer or promo director

Media Planning & Buying

  Guidance and confirmation for Print, Radio, Internet, Mobile, Television& Outdoor

Trade Communication

  Advertisements & PR in trade magazine

  Print media release advertisements

Elements of the campaign


  Teaser trailers


  Press publicity

  Promotional appearances/tours

  TV/Online/Radio advertisements

  Social media presence

  Apps & games


  Product placement

  Music launch

Media Matrix

Print Electronic OOH Events
No. of insertion days No. of insertion(s) per day No. of sites Advice and guidance for PR & city tours
Ad sizes & positions Ad duration & slot selection Location/site selection Different types of events in various cities
Repetition policy Repetition policy Sizes Visits to popular places
Flash ads Study-based TVC making No. of display days Press meet planning
Message/content Tactical TVC release Message/content
Medianet planning