Q1. I'm an investor looking for great returns through feature films. How can you maximize profit for me?
A1. Our consulting service is aimed at bringing success to individuals/companies who wish to invest profitably from films. Starting from scratch, we draw up the entire roadmap that guides and assists you at every stage in the filmmaking process. Our passion, honesty, hard work, in-depth industry knowledge and solid network of contacts - all these attributes lead to successful making and release of your movie with attractive returns on your investment.
Q2. I’m highly passionate about films and wish to produce a movie. Can you help in arranging finance?
A2. Capitalizing on our excellent network within and outside the industry, we put you in touch with sources who may be willing to finance your project.
Q3. I'm a filmmaker looking to outsource the entire production activity. How can you contribute?
A3. Working in the capacity of creative/associate producer for your project, we take up complete responsibility for your film production. We apply our creative, technical and administrative capabilities to deliver the final, finished movie without incurring time and cost overruns.
Q4. I’m a film producer searching for the right distributor. How can you maximize returns for me?
A4. With a clear focus on transparency and clarity, we work out an innovative film distribution strategy that involves tactful release of the film for maximizing theatrical revenues. Studying forthcoming releases and smartly timing the DOR based on this analysis is one of the many smart approaches we use for getting the desired response.
Q5. I'm planning to make a thematic music video. How can you assist me?
A5. Starting from the theme to the final output and everything in between, we serve you with single-point responsibility; we also coordinate with TV channels for publicity and promotion.
Q6. I'm making a Marathi movie and looking for its promotion across Maharashtra. How can you help?
A6. We smartly utilize your Promotion & Advertising budget to generate excellent pre-release curiosity for your movie. By working out the right media mix and thoughtfully timing the campaign, we ensure high visibility that eventually drives the audience to the theaters.
Q7. I’m a film producer looking to sell complete/partial rights of my movie. How can you assist?
A7. With in-depth understanding of the electronic media, digital media and the broadcasting industry, we help you get the most profitable deal for your movie.
Q8. I'm interested in producing a daily soap. How can you get a great story and script for me?
A8. Applying our expertise in content acquisition, we rope in and brief the top-notch story writers. After receiving the one-line presentation from them, we shortlist the best concepts. Once the concept is finalized, we assign brilliant screenplay writers and go ahead with the screenplay development.
Q9. I’m a filmmaker searching for unusual locations in India/abroad? How can you help?
A9. We are associated with location scouting experts who do the work of finding exotic, peculiar or hard-to-access filming destinations, both in India and abroad. Whether you are looking for a secluded, virgin beach, a remote cave, a clearing in the dense forest or a deep sea location, our experts will find out the ideal place for your film shoot.
Q10. I’m interested in producing a music album involving renowned artists. How can you guide me?
A10. Depending on what type of album you wish to produce (pop, remix, devotional, etc.), we source the right talent for your project. From teaming up the best songwriters, renowned music composers, celebrity singers and hiring a hi-end studio, we record the album and bring it out in the desired format, viz, DVD, Blu Ray disc, etc. We can also arrange for formal launch of the disc along with proper press publicity for the event.
Q11. I wish to submit my short film to international film festivals. Can you help?
A11. We have a database of the several international film festivals that are held in various cities throughout the year. We are also aware of the submission guidelines and norms. Our knowledge can help you make a successful, timely submission.
Q12. I wish to invest in a reality show? How can you support?
A12. We first get to know which specific genre you wish to explore. It could be one among the many like Competition/Elimination, Docu-Style Series, Lifestyle Series, Relationship Series, etc. Then we get on board the best writers/concept developers to generate the core idea for your show. After your approval, we create a presentation and make a solid pitch to several TV channels. Here we apply our knowledge and experience of the television industry to get the best commercial deal for your project.
Q13. I want my movie to be dubbed in several Indian languages/I’m looking for quality subtitles. Can you help?
A13. Certainly we can be of help. Our talent pool includes several expert subtitle writers in English as well as all the regional Indian languages. They have the skill and experience to professionally write subs for your movie; they produce crisp, compact sentences that capture the essence of the original dialogue/narration.
Q14. We are a corporate house interested in producing socially-driven short films. How can you help?
A14. First we understand your area of interest, such as child labour, pollution control, energy conservation, immigration, etc. Depending on your budget and preference, we decide the format of the film – whether it would be a plain documentary or a docudrama.
Once the basics are in place, we work out the concept or storyline and present it to your team. After approval of the concept, we design the storyboard, write the script, do the actual shoot, record the voiceover, compose the music, do the edit and present you the first cut of the film.
We leverage our strong network in the entertainment industry and suggest you the best artistes, best script & dialogue writers, experienced cameramen, highly successful short film directors, seasoned editors, renowned music composers and popular singers.